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Passionate about market and consumer research

I am fascinated by how people make their consumption choices every day, how seemingly trivial factors drive behavior, and how psychological forces govern consumption.

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Monthly Consumer Discoveries

The latest discoveries in consumer and market research

How the memory of an experience affects our remembered satisfaction? Marketers are obsessed with measuring customer satisfaction. Companies are eager to track how much their customers are satisfied, and market research companies offer expensive services to track this important KPI. However, the measurement of customer satisfaction […]
Not all consumers’ needs are the same 360 days a year, and not all products are available all the time. Products like Christmas presents, hotel rooms, and the choice of a university, can be purchased much in advance or close to the time of consumption. But […]
Now that government restrictions on social distance are loosening and we are finally going out of our homes, we start to perceive on our skin what it means to have many people physically close to us. Before the pandemic, we were used to experience crowds in […]

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