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Market and consumer research

As a scholar and a market researcher I have studied how people make their consumption choices every day, how seemingly trivial factors drive behavior, and how psychological forces govern consumption.

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One key objective for many marketers is to create content that would go viral on the Internet. Viral content creates high exposure without paying media companies to carry the message. On the internet, you will find many suggestions on how to create “viral” content, but these […]
A screwdriver and a movie are very different things. One is bought for its immediate functionality, while the other is bought for its enjoyability. In other words, one is about the use and the other is about emotions. Despite the difference is very trivial, many marketers […]
Brands are more and more frequently using taboo words in their communication. For example, RXBAR launched in 2018 the “No B.S.” campaign, and the brand Meatless Farm launched the “That’s a M… F… Burger” campaign. However, not much is known on how taboo words affect consumers. […]

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