Hello, I'm


Francesco Zanibellato

About Me

Passionate about marketing and consumer research, I have been working as a researcher in the marketing departments of Ca' Foscari University (Italy) and the University of Connecticut (USA).

Expert in marketing models and experimental designs, I presented my research in international marketing conferences, winning the Best Paper award in AIMAC 2017.

Sample of research interests:

  • Do profanities increase the success of songs? (textual analysis of song success and experimental methods)
  • How can service attributes improve a museum experience? (analysis of museum online reviews)
  • How does cultural tightness/looseness affect the rating of online reviews? (analysis of large datasets of online reviews)
  • Why people share cultural experiences online (qualitative research)

    Weekly Consumer Discoveries

    I created the newsletter Weekly Consumer Discoveries to share the most interesting research on consumer behavior. The project takes the most cutting edge and counterintuitive finding in consumer research and makes them available for marketers.

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